Why A Second Language Should Be Required Essay

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Why a Second Language Should Be Required

Imagine traveling to a different country and getting to communicate to the land people. Imagine a person applying for a high paying job and getting hired because their brain able to retain and study information. Imagine a person’s brain being so far along compared to others that it delays the onset of diseases. All of these things are factors students will receive when learning a foreign language. Students should be required to learn a foreign language in school because it better equips their brain, knocks out competitors in the job market, and improves brain health.
More and more immigrants are traveling to America each year in search of the “American Dream”. Most of those immigrants already know English. In order for American students to stand out, they need to learn another language to make them look more complex between other competitors, which lowers the competition and gives them different opportunities. David Graddol, from the book Should the United States be Multilingual, says "The competitive advantage of speaking English is ebbing away. Once everyone speaks English, advantage can only be maintained by having something else- other skills, such as speaking several languages.” (43).There are nearly 11.6 million immigrants in the United States today, and they will also be seeking jobs. But the advantage American students will have is that they’ll be able to speak more than one language. Being bilingual in the job world can…

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