Whose Reality- Leunig Essay

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‘Reality is based on the people and experiences we encounter.’
I see the shadows of this We base our reality on the experiences we have which is a direct effect of what the media does in portraying what individuals my age are supposed to look like and behave. After reading Michael Leunig’s article ‘Thou Shalt be attractive’, I have come to realise what the media does to my reality and how it makes me alter my identity. The important questions raised in the article shows exactly how reality is based on the experience we have with the media.

As a teenager trying to go through high school I am surrounded by the media altering my reality. The media acts as ‘dictator’; someone who has complete control over me and an overwhelming pressure to
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I don’t want to live in a world where people I know are so fed up with the daily struggle to be viewed under society’s eyes as ‘perfect’ that they hurt themselves. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and wonder if friends of mine killed themselves because of the judgements they receive for being themselves. Truthfully I don’t want to live in a world where I question whether I should kill myself to escape the pressure I feel. Because of the media I don’t believe I am attractive. When Leunig says “see the girl, she is looking at a mirror and is alarmed because she thinks her bottom is too big, she will have to go without food and fret and make it smaller”, it captures what I believe a lot of teenagers feel, that they will never quite line up to the standards of being raised by the media. After reading Leunig’s article I now understand how the media affects reality and ultimately makes people want to escape it.

Due to the media’s pressure, I am surrounded by fake people. The media tells us that being different is wrong. It is because of this a lot of people hide who they truly are. In this world, being different and not following the crowd is wrong and anyone who does try to be different is ultimately punished for it. So instead we hide behind our makeup and pretend to be something we

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