Who Should Have Access Of Police Body Camera Footage? Essay examples

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Who Should Have Access to Police Body Camera Footage? Technology is on the rise and so is police brutality, but with one we may be able to remedy the other. Police body cameras have been in use in certain police departments across America since 2012. Ever since the controversial death of Mr. Michael Brown the idea of body cameras has exploded into a legal race for control over videos that don 't yet exist. There are a spectrum of views regarding the public’s access to these videos which the LA Times eloquently sums up in their article “When it comes to police body cameras, the public can 't be kept in the dark.” In this article the LA Times lays down this bottom line: “police agencies should not have carte blanche to decide whether these recordings are released or hidden from public view.” (LA Times) While this statement seems like a good blockade for injustice in the future, the time is now to lay down the precise legal guidelines for the handling of these videos. Body cameras have already proven incredibly useful in improving police-citizen relations by incredible margins. It would be a shame to see such a tool be trashed under the grounds of one bad case in the program’s infancy. The article starts by shedding some light on a common misunderstanding that many do not realize is there. The Times cites a survey conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union that showed the public in strong support of the body camera initiative, but under the complete assumption that the…

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