Essay on Who Is The Safe Haven For The City?

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Not Your Average Superhero’s
As your family sleeps peacefully at night, they patrol the streets and protect the safety of everyone out there. They keep watch over the city in search of wrong doers and “bad guys.” They aren’t your normal superheroes with capes and tights. They don’t wear flashy outfits to hide their true identities, they look just like you and I. All people need some form of protection and police men and women provide that. Hard working and dedicated, they give their time for every family in need of protection. They keep the streets as safe as they can and are there when your family needs them. This job presents many physical and mental challenges and you are expected to be the safe haven for the city you are serving in. The pay isn’t near what they deserve but they aren’t in if for the money. Education is very minimum but some college is preferred. Police serve and protect the community by putting their lives on the line every day for the people, therefore, identifying the job requirements, the job expectations, salary expectations, and the educational requirements is an important thing to consider before choosing this career.
The job requirements for a police officer consist of many physical and mental challenges. On the physical aspect of things, you must be able to complete a ½ mile in 5 minutes or less. Contrary to the popular beliefs, being a peace officer has many more requirements on the mental side than the physical. You must pass several exams, be…

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