Essay about Who Is The On The Right Path Or Not?

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Every human being has a consciousness and is self-aware of their feelings and what is happening around them. Even though some people through their life experience are aware to distinguish if they are orientated on the right path or not; some people like me are still experiencing life and still figuring out if they are orientated or disorientated. Through friends and ones’ goals in life can enable them to find their way.
Finding our way and knowing who we are is very difficult because sometimes we tend to think that we already know who we are, but along the way we discover that what we thought to be is not that. Ahmed started “of how is it that we come to find our way in a world that acquires new shapes, depending on which way we turn” (1). Society wants us to abide by the law and follow what they want us to follow. But do we really need to conform to certain rules? For instance society wants us to go to school and have a diploma in order to have a decent job. Do we really need everything that school teaches us? For me school does not teach us what we will need in real life. In school, I learned that God did not create the sky and the earth and that it all started with the Big Bang. Through my family, I learned something different. During my high school years, instead of learning about what I will need to be successful in life like learning about the basics concepts of engineering, I learned about Shakespeare and I even had to take a gym class. Why do I need to know about him…

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