Who Is The Most Popular Girl? Essay

1490 Words Jan 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Karlee Young, you are a very important person with a lot of value. Of course you did not know this three years ago. From being a dancer since age 3, to playing years of volleyball and other sports, you never have had to deal with not liking yourself. I mean you were the most popular girl in the 7th grade. Well that all changed for you when you stopped playing sports and got into 8th grade. It all seemed impossible from there. You started gaining weight and did not have many friends left. You felt ugly, misunderstood, gross, alone, scared and so many more emotions. You felt like it was all going downhill from there. Your lack of feeling worth anything affected your attitude at home, which made your parents not appreciate your presents. You fell into depression and was unable to see the happiness life brought. Somewhere along the road though, you found yourself.

You were a dancer for as long as you remember. You were presented to it by your mom, who was a dancer her whole life, it was basically in your blood. You grew up always with a scheduled ballet, tap, jazz some type of dance class to attend to. You did as you were instructed, and never questioned whether you liked it or not. You felt it was just apart of you to dance. Now of course you were young and your metabolism worked like a charm. But even if you were older, you 'd still being great shape due to the constant dancing and movement. But what if they found out you didn 't like it? Would that be so bad? SO many…

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