Universal Role Of Women In Janie's Relationships With Three Men

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The main character, Janie, portrays a southern black woman, even though she is black , a universal position of women play a major role in her development. A universal theme of women are reiterated and reinforced through the series of three relationships with three men. These men play an important role in Janie’s life long search of independence.She has had good times and bad times with Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Tea Cake, the three different men she has been married to. Throughout her life Janie has had to overcome the many challenges and roles that her community and society has put her through, such as being submissive, having to marry, and depending on men. In the novel with Janie having to be seen as a woman who is acquiesce with …show more content…
We see that Nanny wants Janie to have a husband who is ostentatious and can provide for her, but she feels as though Janie does not want that for herself. The phrase “Whut Ah seen just now is plenty for me, honey, Ah don’t want know trashy nigger, no breath-and-no britches, lak Johnny Taylor usin’ yo’ body to wipe his foots on...Ah wanted you to shool out and pick from a higher bush and a sweeter berry. But dat ain’t yo’ idea, Ah see,”(13) represents that before showing any type of affection to the opposite sex you need to be married. It is looked down upon for women not to be in a relationship before engaging in any physical activity with a man, it goes against the folklore. Nanny also shows how disappointed she is in Janie when she saw her only grandchild kissing on Johnny Taylor. Furthermore “So you don’t want to marry of all decent like, do yuh? You just want to hug and kiss and feel around with first one man and then another huh?”(13) illustrates that Nanny believes that Janie could bring a burden down on her like she accuses her mother of doing. Nanny wants Janie to marry someone decent because she wants someone to support …show more content…
In Janie 's first marriage with Logan Killicks we are introduced to this problem in which women have to face at this time.. Logan is fussing at Janie about chopping wood for dinner, saying how his last wife could bring it in because he chopped it, he wouldn’t have to do all the work. When Hurston writes, “If i kin haul de wood heah and chop it fuh yuh, look lak you oughta be able tuh tote it inside. Mah fust wife never bothered me ‘bout choppin’ no wood nohow. She’d grab dat ax and sling chips like uh man. You done been spoilt rotten.”(18) It is explaining that Janie could be dependent on Logan. Also, that is one of the main reason that Janie married Logan which is for support and protection.Furthermore, Logan talks about his first wife in comparison to Janie he makes it seem as though he does all the work. Another way that Hurston is portraying Janie as being dependent on men is with Joe Starks her second husband. Hurston writes, “Oh Jody, Ah can’t do nothin’ wid no store lessen youse here.”(43) It is showing that Janie feels she needs Joe there to watch her and make sure she is doing things right. If he is not there she feels as though she can’t handle watching over the

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