Essay on Who Is The Most Interesting Man On The Planet

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Who Is the Most Interesting Man on the Planet:
(Study of the Intrigue of Socrates)
The value of a man is not what is in his bank account, but what is in his daily actions and moral values. It is what he teaches to those around him to live off of, after that said man is gone. These teachings can be either good or evil, effortless or priceless, or ride the line between the action of the fool or of the wise. One man who seems on both sides of that line, depending on who you ask, is the great philosopher Socrates. He captivated the attention of a nation and the intellectual world, but the question is not how, but why. Known as his signature question in debate, why, is still what we ask ourselves today upon his endless success in the teaching of the newer generations. He was not a complicated man in his everyday action, he didn’t have complex talents or ways about him that had people coming back for more. All the man did was talk, to whomever would listen to what he had to say that day. So to most the most intriguing part about Socrates in today 's day, is the age old question of why. To many others, Socrates is most intriguing because of his philosophical teachings, his demeanor and personality, and most importantly, his death and how it came about. To begin, with Socrates you must start at what was the most important action in his life, what he strived for everyday, his philosophical teachings. Dr. John Lord describes it best in “THE LIFE OF SOCRATES: AN INTERESTING SKETCH OF…

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