Essay about Who Is The Call Family?

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Initially, the Call family took us to church. In fact, that transplant family took us to church for the first two years of my membership. I also learned an important lesson from them. I do not remember their given names, but I remember the Calls were a young couple in their early twenties from Utah. They were very different from the Southern Mormons culturally, but the faith was the same. They had one kid, a boy. I went to their house once with Dexter for dinner. I noticed in their home there was hardly any furniture and that everything was high off the floor. The Calls explained to me the design was to keep things safe from the boy and the boy safe from the things. I thought it odd. I attributed it to them being White. I knew that if I had made a mess of things as a little boy my rear-end would have been nice and toasty. These White people avoided having to do that. I decided I wanted to do that too if I ever had a family. I felt very self-aware at their home. I felt that way because I was a Black kid in a White person’s home. Since third grade, I did not feel like I belonged in that world, though the church forced me to deal with White people. I thought so little of myself at the time that I determined that the relationship between White people and myself was that of superior and inferior. So many things culminated to bring those thoughts into being, but at the Call’s home, I determined that I was inferior to them. I refused to even touch their son for fear they would…

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