Essay on Who Is The Best You Can Be For College?

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How To Be The Best You Can Be In College There are two different types of mindsets in this world. You can have a creator or a victim mindset. A creator mindset is where you find solutions to your problems, they have what you call personal responsibility. Victim mindset people are the ones who make excuses for themselves to make it feel like they are not at fault for their actions. These two kinds of people are usually in a different time period in their life, either they are not mature enough to take responsibility or they have not been taught differently. Victim and creators are two totally different mindsets and can determine how well you do in life. While entering college you may think that it is going to be like high school but with huge parties, well you are mistaken. You have to come into college prepared to work hard for your dreams and goals. You need to have a creator mindset while in college. In high school teachers give you class work to do and take two weeks on one lesson. With college they do not do that at all, you have to be on top of things on your own. Your professor will not remind you about your homework that is due and that big huge research paper that was assigned four weeks ago. You need to take it upon yourself to apply yourself with whatever task you are faced with. It may be challenging but with the right mindset you can accomplish anything. Being a victim in college will create many of problems for you. A victim that I know personally was…

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