Who Is The Administrator Warned Us? Essay

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"He 'll never leave this care center," the administrator warned us. "Not only is he physically weak, but his memory is worsening. He 'll probably only last a few months here."

My mother and I glanced at each other, unable to hide the anger we 'd felt. We waited until we got on the elevator, then vented. Mom and I believed Dad would improve, but not in an atmosphere where they 'd already given up on him. Dad did not have Alzheimer 's, and what dementia he had hadn 't stopped him from enjoying life. In fact, quite the opposite.

Living far away from my parents made it difficult for me during stressful times, and I hated leaving while my father was still in the care center. But it wasn 't long before my mother had Dad released and brought him home, under her care. As predicted, Dad 's physical ailments improved and although his dementia had worsened, he still knew everyone and could carry on intelligent conversations.

I loved getting my mother 's upbeat phone calls. However, several months later, even though my father 's health had improved, my daughter and I had a powerful feeling that we should fly out and see my father, just in case. It would also give my mother a much-needed break.

The day after we arrived, my mother took my daughter and grandkids shopping while I stayed with my Father. I 'd promised Mom I 'd make Dad do his exercises and so we slowly strolled through the house. Once we 'd finished we sat down at the kitchen table. Grabbing a…

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