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"Nothing comes easy." My Fathers voice echoes through my head.

My fingers slowly stroked the white keys as I prepared myself to play the piece once again. I starred down the music sheet in front of me with determination. My third time playing this piece and I 'm feeling lucky.

I started playing the piece humming the tune as I went along. I was playing my favorite, Fight song by Rachel Platten. I played with all my heart and enjoyed every second of it. I had never enjoyed anything more then when I had played the piano. I loved how beautiful and different every note sounded.

Losing friends and I 'm chasing sleep

Everybody 's worried about me-" I sang softly as I continued to play.

"In too deep

Say I 'm in too deep

And it 's been
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Well, except for the time Aiden Bradly kissed me on the cheek in kindergarten.. Shh don 't tell my Dad.

After I had settled down my parents signaled me to return to dinner. There was small talk but I didn 't pay much attention. I was too excited about my new piano.

I was more excited about my piano then I was about my car. My parents had bought me a used car which I didn 't mind to much. It 's a 2005 red Neon. I didn 't drive much so what 's to be excited about?

I finished my dinner within five minutes of knowing about my new piano. My parents slowly ate at theirs eating slower then usual. I sigh as I know they are only doing it to make me wait. I tap my fingers anxiously on the table only to be stared down by my Mother. She always hated my anxious behaviors.

I groan out in relief as my parents finally finish up all their food. I quickly clean off the table with no help from my parents who purposely walked like turtles.

"Can I see the piano now." I whined drawing out now. My parents laugh and lead me in the direction of my newest prized possession. As we walked into one of the spare rooms in the house I saw it. I ran up the piano and ran my hand over the sleek black piano. I wanted to cry it was so

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