Who Is Paying The Price? Essay

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Go to any shopping mall and the inexpensive clothes are abundant. Sale! clearance! BOGO! these words are plastered all across social media and in the stores. $4.99 T-shirts, $7.00 skinny jeans and $1.50 flip flops have become the regular. All around us the cost of clothing seems to be dropping, yet the price to make these clothes seems to be at an all time high. The question is, “who is paying the price?”
Globalization is a rather new concept in our world today. Thanks to new advancements in technology and transportation, countries are able to communicate and trade in ways that we never were able to before. The fashion industry serves as one of the biggest connection points for millions of different industries spanning from agriculture, to manufacturing, to retail. But, the global marketplace has also become a place where companies are able to export the work they need done to countries where it can be made quickly and affordably, yet not always in the best conditions. It has become a way to export all the work a country doesn 't want to do, to a place where citizens have no other choice but to take undesirable jobs in order to support their families. (MAYBE INCERT STORY?)

Take a second and look at the tag on your shirt; where was it made? The United States? Not very likely. China? Maybe. Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Honduras, Columbia? These are all examples I found just in my closet at home! The truth is, many of our…

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