Essay on Who Is My Friend?

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I distinctly remember her fingernails in a dish of water. I sat near the bed, peering into her face, winced in pain. Why were her fingernails gone? Did my dad take them off or did she come in like that? What did naked fingertips feel like? “Does it hurt?” “It’s okay. Don’t worry, my daddy’s can fix it,” I assured her. Wanting to make her feel better, I did not hesitate to talk her ear off until my father was finished. Ever since I was a small child, I have always been sympathetic and compassionate. Growing up in a rural town at the edge of the ocean helped build that. I was fortunate to be born to two excellent physicians who taught me how to be kind to people, no matter who they are or what ailment they may have. As I grew older, I stopped idolizing my father as most children do, but I was still a fiercely caring. One day at work, my coworker felt a strange pop in her ankle during work. I did not leave her side. I had a distant memory the Thompson test for Achilles tendons. On the way to the Emergency Room, she remained anxious not only because of her ankle, but because she was uninsured at the time. “You’re covered under L&I and you can make payments. This is a strong community, and there are people here who are concerned for you. We will not let this destroy your life. ” It was the first time I felt a greater call to become a physician. I was able to suddenly recall the Thompson test, and reassure her. I knew it was my vocation and I began to follow this call with…

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