How Did Bob Dylan Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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The 1960’s was one of the most eventful and controversial decades ever known. From the Civil Rights Movement and Women's Movement to the Vietnam War or even the Assassination of our beloved president John F. Kennedy. There were anti-war protests, anti-racism acts and marches that went for miles. One of the most known people involved in these events was the one and only, Bob Dylan. His career was a big impact on young people of the 1960’s It started when Bob Dylan begun listening to Little Richard ( a rock ‘n’ roll artist from the late 50’s early 60’s) and imitating him while he was a teenager. (source 1) This is one of the places where he got his inspiration to become a singer-songwriter including Woody Guthrie, who was his Idol, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis who were his …show more content…
He wrote songs that supported his opinion like one called The Times They Are a-Changin, basically saying that we need to come together as a country and stop the Vietnam War. This song and a few others that he wrote and performed united people and gave them the voice that they didn’t have. Bob Dylan wrote a song called The Death Of Emmett Till. Emmett Till was a fifteen- year old boy who was killed by a white supremacist group who beat and killed him because he whistled at a white girl. He wanted to write that song to spread the word about what had happened. He wrote more songs about the Civil RIghts Movement also, among these songs were Oxford Town, Only a Pawn In Their Game, Masters of War, John Brown, Legionnaire’s Disease, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, Talkin’ World War lll Blues, and Blowin In The Wind. All of these songs had inspiring words or opinions on what was going on in the world at the time. He encouraged young people to stand up in what they believed in and fight for what was right. He put what people were feeling into words and used the music as a message for

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