Who I Am A Friend? Essay

732 Words Feb 21st, 2016 3 Pages
It has always been really easy for me to make friends but I am not overtly social. I did not talk much and I was not loud as a adolescent, nor am I now. I have always loved academics, so I talk a lot in class, but in social situations I come across very shy much of the time, unless I am around people whom I trust. I had lots of friends in elementary and middle school, but I was also used to them eventually moving away or disliking me. Either that, or deciding I was not 'fun ' enough because I have never been really very outgoing. It was normally that, or deciding I was not 'cool ' enough to be their friend anymore because I have never really cared about being popular. However, I have still always tried to move past that and not let it stop me from connecting with other people. However, it has made me more sucesptibel in not trusting many people in any kind of relationship with me (platonic or not) until that relationship lasts more than, say, four or five years. I do not want to say I have trust issues because I do not believe it is appropriate to trust someone so deeply without a basis for them deserving such a deep level of trust. However, I would say that I try to see people clearly while also doing my best to love them and give all that I can and that they need as their friend. Although it does not mean I do not greatly value all of my relationships -because definitely I do- there are just few relationships I trust to be consistent, and many of my platonic…

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