Who Are The Direct Competitors For Your Specific Product? How Do They Compare Price Wise?

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Competition analysis
Who are the direct competitors for your particular product? How do they compare price wise? Competitors Global 2015 sales • Magnum 2.540$ billion
• Haagen dazs 2.086 billion
• Cornetto 1.595$ Billion
• Ben and jerrys 1,232$ BILLION
• Breyers 960$ MM
• Carte dor 827$ MM
• Dreyers edys 773$ MM
• Blue bunny 723$ MM
• Klondike 652$ MM
• Mihan 575$ MM

Source http://www.forbes.com Do they target exact the same customers
No they do not target exact the same customers
Unilever (magnum) has expanded distribution of the brand from its stronghold of Europe into the U.S., China, and India. Unilever has built up a far-reaching distribution network for the premium bars, with a nearly ubiquitous presence in the freezer cases of European independent stores, right in front of the cashier.
Häagen-Dazs expand its sales in regions like china and brazil. A more down-market European children’s favorite comes in third on our list of…

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