Essay on Who And What Can We Considered An Artist Or Art?

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Who and what can we considered an artist or art? One can say that throughout pop culture celebrities have been dabbling in the art world, but especially today, now that we have access to celebrities and what they are doing we can see everything about them with just the click of a button. Today A listers like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Shia Labeouf, James Franco, and Miley Cyrus along with other celebrities have, in one way or another made their name into the art world.
Some people consider them to be “artist” and others refuse to accept the idea that they could be seen as such, and when I say “artist” I am referring to visual artist such as painters, sculptures, photographers, etcetera, not musicians or an actors. Although I do not considered some of the celebrities that I’ve mention to be artists, I do consider James Franco to be one. Most people know James as an actor in numerous movies and shows but aside of being an actor he is also a director, writer, teacher, and an artist. I questioned myself, “Why do I consider him to be more of an artist then Miley or Jay-Z?” I think it might be because he is currently attending Rode Island School of Design and is a PhD student at Yale, he also has degrees from UCLA and Columbia. Thinking about this makes me think of artist who never got an education within art who are successful and are well known within the art world, does this make them less of an artist? Is that even something that we should take into consideration? All this…

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