Who And How Did Miley Be Considered An Artist Or Artist?

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Who and what can we considered an artist or art? One can say that throughout pop culture celebrities have been dabbling in the art world, but especially today, now that we have access to celebrities and what they are doing we can see everything about them with just the click of a button. Today A listers like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Shia Labeouf, James Franco, and Miley Cyrus along with other celebrities have, in one way or another made their name into the art world.
Some people consider them to be “artist” and others refuse to accept the idea that they could be seen as such, and when I say “artist” I am referring to visual artist such as painters, sculptures, photographers, etcetera, not musicians or an actors. Although I do not considered some of the
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Reading on I found out that Jeffrey Deitch, former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angles and an art dealer went to Mileys home and came across her colorful assemblages sculptures made from found, bought, and given objects that are thrown to her while she is onstage, which then she later on collects and works with them. Deitch was impressed with what he had seen on Instagram and at her home he encouraged a show which she partnered up with fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger and V Magazine. During her show he was talking to art collectors and telling them that “she’s the real deal.”(Cascone, Deitch) After reading this I began to wonder who determines what is art and who is an artist. I searched on multiple databases, books, and Google and, I did really not come across an article or anything that specified on what or who determines this, but I came across an art blog that said that art critics and dealers are the ones who have the power, to consider works to be art or people to be

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