White Fang And The Call Of The Wild And Sea Wolf Essay

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White Fang In 1906, in the wake of his booming popularity from both The Call of the Wild and Sea Wolf, Jack London published White Fang, a novel that seemed reminiscent of the same experiences and themes seen in The Call of the Wild. On the surface, it was yet another nature-based story with a dog as the central character. However, there was more to be found for those readers who possessed an understanding of those forces influencing London while he wrote. Despite being so close to the others in chronology, he seemed to have taken his third novel to a deeper level, incorporating multiple concepts and theories, giving White Fang an entirely new and unexpected level of sophistication and complexity. White fang is a wolf-dog who is born in the wild, but adopted into the lives of man. Through many tribulations at the hands of several masters, he ultimately becomes fully integrated into civilization. London shows, through White Fang, that?despite the simplicity of instinctive behavior and the will to survive?the driving forces that are ultimately responsible for an individual?s overall behavior and personality are far more complicated. Many times throughout the novel, White Fang is referred to as a superior specimen, both physically and mentally. The offspring of a grey wolf and a wolf-dog hybrid, White Fang inherits the best of both the wolf and dog in his genealogy. London describes his genetic makeup in length, reflecting once again his understanding of Mendel?s work with…

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