White Fang And Call Of The Wild Analysis

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Call There is a voice, or a call that some answer, yet some choose another path. These choices all have pros and cons, but if one pushes through it, they will find where they belong. In White Fang and Call of the Wild, Buck and White Fang both had this call, but did it affect them the same way (London, 1988, 1979)? When someone loses themselves in the process, the journey becomes a dare that the wild is giving them. It is up to them to keep at it or let the wild take them away, and this is what Buck and White Fang are up against (London, 1988, 1979). Will they stay true to the call or take the less traveled road (Frost, 1916)? The call of the wild and the call of domestication are opposites; almost like Yin and Yang, without one the other one is nothing. The same goes for Buck and White Fang; they are two different stories, two different dogs, who respond to the call abnormally (London, 1988, 1979). When White Fang had his first encounter with a man, he was scared, but with Buck, it was …show more content…
A boatload of people think that they all have it planned out, that they were ready for life, and nothing could ever go wrong. This is what Buck thought when he was living with Judge Miller, notwithstanding the “call of the wild” deep inside his heart (London, 1979). He soon found out that what he needed was to be in the primitive land, never having to worry about being free (London, 1979). On the other hand, White Fang longed not to be free, but to be loved (London, 1988). He had his fair share of the untamed life, it had nearly beaten him, starved him, and took every little thing he called home away from him (London, 1988). White Fang might have been able to walk the walk, but he was like an old marshmallow, hard on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside, just waiting for that one of a kind cup of hot chocolate (London,

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