White Dog Is A Horror / Thriller Movie Essay

1862 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
White dog is a horror/ thriller movie about, obviously, a white dog. However, this was no ordinary dog, this dog was very different from most dogs. I guess you can say that the series of events in this story are quite peculiar. When a random civilian finds this dog injured, she takes him to her home in hopes to help him recover. Little does she know that this dog had been trained by a racist white man to kill unorthodox black people on sight. When the vicious dogs new owner finds out, she is furious that someone would train an innocent dog to do such horrific things to another human being. As a result, she attempts to change the dog 's behavior by herself. When her efforts don 't work out so well, she goes around to a variety of different dog trainers. She is told that if this dog doesn 't change its ways, that it would have to be put down. This dog, unlike most dogs in this world didn 't have a name. Now i 'm not quite sure whether his original owner just didn 't care enough to give it a name, or if the person that found him just couldn 't decide on a name for him.
Even though this movie shows a single dog that took the lives of many black people, I believe that this story portrays a way stronger and even deeper message. In my opinion, I believe that the dog represents the world around us and the dogs victims represent the people that have been forced to be victims to racism. The dog was trained by a racist person (the racist people that surround the world today) to kill…

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