Protein And Starchloric Acid Experiment

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The question my group tried to answer was “Which protein solution contained protein, starch, and sugar, and if so how much?” The protein supplements we had were supplments 4 (Kroger Whey & Soy Protein- Vanilla),6 (Vega Protein and Greens) ,and 8 (Pure Protein Natural Whey Protein). We also had 3 reagents (Biuret’s, Lugol’s ,and Benedict’s). We had two different experiments, the first experiment was to get qualitative data. The second was to get quantitative date. The first experiment we tested each supplement with each reagent and also a positive and negative control for each supplement. We had a total of 15 test tubes. We would observe the color of each supplement and the reagents. We recorded the color of each solution and compared them …show more content…
We took our 3 supplements, 3 reagents, and 16 test tubes. We performed a 1:10 dulution of the prepared supplements by adding 18mL of water to the 2mL already in each of the supplements beakers. We distrubited 1mL of each solutions into 16 test tubes. We also had to heat up the Benedict’s reactions to 65 degrees Celsius for 4-7 mintues for the reaction to occur. We also took a startch and a protein (albumin) and made two more solutions. We had a total volume for each protein and starch of 2,100uL in the 5 test tubes of each concentration of protein and starch. We had to add an additional 1,500uL of water to the starch solutionWe used the Biuret’s reagent(2,000uL) for the protein concentration because the reagent detects protein molecules which causes the solution’s color to change. We used the Lugol’s reagent(500uL) for the starch concentrstion because the reagent detects starch molecuels which cause the solution’s color to change. We used the C1V1=C2V2 equation to figure out how much water and stock solution of starch/protein we had to add up to final volume of stock protein/starch solution. We used a spectrophometer to measure the absorbance of each of the solutions for the proteins, starchs, and the supplements. We had to adjust the nm of the spectrophometer for the starch and one group of the supplements to 580 mn.The proteins and the supplements were measured at 565 nm. A spectrophotometer is used for the measurement of reflectance of solutions. We had to blank each test tube before we put each solution into the spectrophotometer. We recorded the absorbance of each solution and put the test tube in the spectrophotometer, to figure out the absorbance. The independent variable is the supplements, starch, protein solutions. The dependent variable is the absorbance of the protein or starch of all of the solutions. Our constants of this experiment were the final volume in all of the test tubes, the supplements,

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