Antacid Analysis Lab Report

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In this experiment my partner and I will set up a chemical system arrangement in order to determine the effectiveness of neutralizing of a commercial antacid, per gram. When the arrangement is set we will test the different variations of the experiment, for example during step A we will be my partner and I will be determining the mass of the antacid and preparing the antacid for analysis. For step C my partner and I will be using what we have recorded in order to complete the calculations. Another reason for conducting this experiment is too figure what kind of solution will form when the antacid is dissolved. We will be testing for a total of four trials. The four trials will be separated into groups of two. Within those two groups some of …show more content…
There was no graph for this experiment and we did not have to calculate a yield; however, we did have to calculate the average numerous times. For the first part the lab we had to dissolve the antacid. We had to crush the antacid and add it to a solution. We measured the mass of the flask and got 123.78 grams, in addition to that we also measured the mass of the flask with the antacid to get a mass of 123.95 grams. As we move on to the second part of part A my partner and I prepare HCl solution and record its molar concentration at 0.1 ml. We were also able to figure out the volume of the HCl, which turned out to be 25 ml. After we were able to successfully dissolve the antacid my partner and I had to analyze the antacid. After my partner and poured the NaOH solution into the buret we recorded its molar concentration, which turned out to be 0.1. After we heated the solution it turned blue. After the color change we had to repeat certain steps and boil it again until we got the correct color change. When my partner and I were done titrating we had to add NaOh solution until it turned from yellow to blue. We recorded the volume of the initial volume of the buret at 0 and the final at 2.8ml. My partner and I definitely made some errors. For example during part A we added more than 0.2 grams of the crushed antacid. This error caused the combined mass of the flask and antacid to be higher. Another error we made was that during the second part of part A we added more than 25 ml of the HCl solution. This error caused to get lower value of the molar concentration of the HCl. And finally our last mistake was when allowed the solution to be heated for more less than 1minute. This error caused more Co2 to be left within the

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