Where Did The Middle Class Go? Essay

1314 Words Oct 29th, 2015 6 Pages
Where, Oh Where Did the Middle Class Go? Ranking number nine on the current Forbes Top Ten Richest Americans with 33.7 billion dollars, whose last name isn’t Trump: Jim Walton. Walton happens to be a part of the one percent of Americans with the whopping ninety-nine percent of us fellow Americans in their pockets. Briefly put; the minuscule one percent has a gigantic grasp on this country. Taking ownership of most private and managerial wealth, and leaving only eleven percent of America’s wealth to the bottom feeders of America, wage and salary workers. Bear in mind that the federal minimum wage is only seven dollars and twenty-five cents, and has not nationally raised since 2009 (Center for American Progress). The rapid gains achieved by the upper class during the past century have created inequality in the social classes of American lifestyle, gradually deteriorating the socially established boundary line between the wealthy folk and the poor. This rise of power and wealth continues to devour the hardworking backbones of America who sustain our groundbreaking society, Barbara Ehrenreich elaborates on various points of importance such as these in her article The Trouble With the Super-Rich. Upper class strategies of divide and conquer have become a tool of modern day oppression, greatly causing the social ladder to become a bleak memory of the past. An American miracle, incapable of being climbed in the future days of our…

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