Sustainable Relationships Chapter 2 Summary

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Chapter V
In this chapter, the summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations based on the data analysed in the previous chapter is presented. This study was conducted with the purpose of knowing how heterosexual and homosexual couples build sustainable relationship with the assistance of the elements from the triangular theory of love.
Summary of Findings
Q1: What is a sustainable relationship?
Having to trust your significant other is what makes a relationship sustainable for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Always being together and giving and taking is also a major factor to maintain a good relationship. Homosexual and heterosexual couples did not differ in their answers because trust is really something that
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The most common but very serious problem that couples have in their relationship is miscommunication and jealousy. In every relationship, there is miscommunication and jealousy because humans are all imperfect and it’s natural that the people may miscommunicate with each other every so often, causing problems. And these problems can be very hazardous for any …show more content…
Most of them have hectic schedules because of their work everyday but they made sure to still have time for their partner. Bonding moments are what also matters in their relationship. Along with honesty, respect and loyalty. With these, their relationship keep going strong.
Q4: How do couples show intimacy, commitment and passion in their relationship?
Couples, heterosexual or homosexual, loves cuddling the most and being affectionate with each other. Ofcourse, they get intimate at times when they’re in the mood to show a different way of displaying affection. There’s not much of a difference because they all express love for one another.
Q5: How does the presence and absence of these elements affects their relationship?
The absence of one element can’t affect the relationship that heterosexual couples have. They believe that as long as their love for each other is strong, then they will continue their relationship. The same goes for the majority of homosexual couples. They also believed that their love for each other is strong enough to not get affected by a missing element. Though, a few couples answered that a missing element can affect their relationship and probably cost their downfall and it’s because they thought that losing one element can lessen the happiness that the couple have in their relationship. It would be like living a life without a purpose and the

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