Sex Differences In Mate Preferences Essay

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Sex Differences in Mate Preferences Revisited :
What I found particularly relatable was how women value a man’s economic status or earning value more than physical attractiveness. My parents have always talked to me about being with someone that can support me. You wouldn’t want someone else to earn less than you in the household. I think I grew up with that mindset. I began to set my standards to someone that can support me. I don’t want to be the breadwinner. I want the person I’m with to be equal in earning value or more. My parents also told me that earning more than my partner would make them look like a failure compared to me. I feel like the environment we grow up in really does reflect how we chose a mate. What I did find interesting
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It talked a lot about society and norms and how that reflects our sexual orientation and the gender stereotypes we have. I think it 's really accurate. Our parents views on this really does pass down to you. My parents have had that traditional thinking that, “men should not be weaker than women, doesn 't have to be stronger but not weaker.” I grew up thinking that no matter how well I do, I wanted my brother to do better because he 's a guy. I understand that this might be viewed as unequal or sexists. Although, personally I 'm not saying that women should be the weaker sex. I just think that men shouldn 't be lower, but if my brother happens to surpass me in school or anything else, I 'd be happy for him. Another, thing that I found interesting was that men when men are perceived a certain way, they also become that way. Men have these social norms they want to be in. If they 're not what society expects them to be, then they actually change into that. Women fight more about being themselves instead of falling into the norms, but we hardly see that for me. I feel like if we want men and women to be equal it shouldn 't just be limited to working wages but also beauty standards. There are so many things that men and women are categorized in and that 's what makes those gender …show more content…
I didn’t know that men still care about physical attractiveness when looking for a partner. I thought that it wouldn’t matter as much, but apparently no matter what sexual orientation you are, men will still care about appearance. Women care about the personality whether or not they’re straight. I think a cool thing about homosexual couples is that they are really equal. They actually share chores and they don’t really think about who’s the bigger person in the relationship. They can avoid having any problems involving gender since they are the same gender. For example, they wouldn’t fight much on household chores since neither of them would think the other is the weaker sex. At first I thought that maybe homosexual relationships could be more satisfying since they understand one another better. Although, to my surprsie hetersexual relationships and homosexual relationships are equal in terms of love and satisfaction. I think that love really doesn’t have boundaries. After reading this article, it made me realize that it doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re happy and content, that’s more than

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