Higher-Order Thinking: Case Study

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Sue wants to order new uniform shirts for her staff. She has two printing companies to choose from. Company A is advertising a cost of $23 per shirt. Company B is advertising a cost of $19 per shirt plus an upfront cost of $45 per order.
a. When should Sue order from Company A? Explain your answer.
b. When should Sue order from Company B? Explain your answer.
A2. Connecting life experiences to the problem is an effective way to make content relevant to the students (Van De Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, 2013). I would ask the students questions to connect this problem to their lives. Examples of the questions are
1. How many of you are a part of a sports team, club, or organization that require a uniform?
2. How does the leader/coach
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Effectively selecting strategies to engage all students in a mathematics classroom is important for higher-order thinking. Selecting an appropriate problem to engage the students in productive struggle is one way to develop conceptual understanding (Van De Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, 2013). The problem should be appropriate to the level and understanding of the students. Interesting mathematics should be the focus of the problem, and not the context of the problem. Additionally, it must require justifications for the answers. These three features set up an engaging learning environment (Van De Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, 2013). Encouraging student dialogue is another effective strategy to engage all students. The teacher is able to understand student thinking when follow-up questions are asked to justify the answers, even if the answer was correct. It is important for students to realize that it is okay to ask clarifying questions. As the students ask questions, having other students answer them is also beneficial to conceptual learning. To help students who are struggling or ELLs, using sentence starters aids them in knowing which direction the answer should come from. Involving all of the students in the discussion is paramount to having effective classroom

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