Overcoming Math Anxiety

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The definition of math anxiety according to math.about.com is fear of completing math correctly, our minds blanking out which causes frustration, and having time limits to complete tests and exams. Math anxiety is a much talked about subject among students. The causes are from beastly experiences, lack of good presentation, and poor teaching. This paper discusses the tips to overcome math anxiety, my own personal math experiences, and strategies for success. Usually there are certain people with certain characteristics that have math anxiety. For example, students with poor memories are the ones who suffer from math anxiety because memorizing math steps are difficult. (Russell) My own personal experiences with math have …show more content…
Overcoming math anxiety is not easy which may be one reason why so many students continue to have it. There are some ways to help students with math anxiety. They are: gain quality teaching, practice math often, hire a tutor, and be persistent. One important concept to teach students is understanding that math needs to be taught in conjunction with learning math steps. This teaches students smart math skills and self- esteem to avoid math anxiety. Teaching steps only does not help students to fully understand math. Understanding math also has to be taught to students so that it is fully …show more content…
Students can realize that they are not alone. They can reach out to parents, teachers, and religious leaders to discuss their anxiety. There can be mental and physical reactions to anxiety. When one feels math anxiety it can make a student feel like withdrawing, avoiding math altogether, even have stomachaches and headaches. Use of relaxation techniques, talking to a trusted individual, and obtaining a math tutor can help with math anxiety. Learning how to study math can be very helpful. There are classes that teach only study skills. Practicing math every day will keep the skills fresh in the mind. Know your teacher so that when discussions come up then you can feel comfortable. Finally, understanding math goes together with memorization. (Haralson) There are strategies for success to prevent math anxiety. Students learn in different ways so lessons need to be presented in different ways. Make math fun and use games such as Life,
Yahtzee, Battleship, and Tangrams. Incorrect responses need to be handled in a positive way.
Students being active learners rather than passive learners. Math should be relevant to

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