When Millennials Rule : The Reshaping Of America Essay

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Education is so significant in our lives as it not only affects us directly, but also indirectly and impacts the people who are surrounding us and the people who will be born after us. Education is also provided to US citizens by the government through public schools. These public schools, intended to impart learning for any child in the country equally, has been creating a deep division in success mainly diverged by socioeconomic classes. What is wrong with the current US public education system? What could we do to fix a system that affects almost everyone in the country? Chapter 9 in David and Jack Cahn’s book When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America explains the reasons why the current American public school system is corrupt, and what solutions are available. Cahn & Cahn explain to us that “Millennials will push for both government and school administrations to explore these innovative options”, in order for public schools to be successful. Especially taking into account Donald Trump’s presidential election in November, there are some new ideas that will be implemented into the US public school system. Cahn & Cahn encourage the charter school movement, a looser teaching certification requirement, experimentation with innovative technology, and integrating new educational methods.

At this day and age, education is not only its definition, but it is are a civil rights and equality issue. According to Cahn and Cahn, millennials believe strongly that the…

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