When Entering Atc 's Social Work Assistance Program Essays

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Before entering ATC’s Social Work Assistance Program I felt disconnected from my previous career and very unsure of what I wanted to do with my future. I realized early on that I am driven by the need to help others and facilitate positive change around me. Yet, I felt those needs unfulfilled in my previous profession. Discovering social work, regardless of where it may lead me, peaked my interests in such a way that no other field really has.

I knew I found something special during the first class because of Mrs. Watts’ ability to break down barriers and get her students to open up about their insecurities and really question why they were here. With each week of class I learned more about this field, but I also learned more about myself. I felt driven to contribute and immerse myself in the school community, and did so by attending the school social work events and volunteering when/where I could. Overall, my biggest contribution in this class was my dedication to hard work and the development of lasting relationships with my SW instructors and peers. By putting my best foot forward I was able to gain the knowledge needed to continue down this newfound path I’m on.

The course gave me a lot more than just confirmation that I’m in the right place; it gave me an entirely new perspective. My favorite concept that I picked up was regarding the Strengths Perspective. For such a simple concept, it evokes such positivity and can really alter the way you see the world around…

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