Essay Whats in It for Me

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What’s in IT for me?

When I came to the prestigious University of Cincinnati, I knew, through much of my father’s help, that I wanted to go into the business field. Throughout my freshman year I was unsure of what major I wanted to peruse, but when the Operations Management head, Ruth Sieple, came and spoke to my freshman Pathways class I knew that this major was definitely for me. When she spoke of how people in this major are organized, detail oriented, and like to find more efficient and faster way to complete tasks, those qualification were all mine! I have not taken any core classes in Operations Management yet but I am very excited too in the future. I currently just accepted a job offer with General Electric for next
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With data being essential to Walmarts day to day activity, the technology used to track and collect it are just as important. One thing Im going to expand upon are one of walmarts new ways to use its data. Whats the biggest hassle when ordering online? To most consumers its the best way to shop, because you can price hunt, look a wider selection, and jump from store to store without leaving your couch. Walmart began to ask why people arent using their online shopping tools as much then, if its easier you would think people would take advantage of it. The problem we all face with online ordering is that you have to think ahead of time because of shipping. Shipping items has always and will always be the biggest downfall to e-commerce. As americans we want to be able to purchase something and have it right away, even if we have to drive to the store to do it. Walmart is trying to devise a way to shorten the shipping process and allow customers to receive their product the same day as ordering it. Walmart is not the only retailer looking at using this to attract new customers, Amazon, the world's largest online marketplace is also looking for a way to deliver goods to the customer on the same day as purchase. This push by retailers to get products to consumers faster has lead Walmart to come up with one far fetched solution. Have trusted customers, that live in

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