What 's For Dinner? Essay

779 Words Jun 17th, 2016 4 Pages
One of the most frequently asked questions everyday is “What’s for dinner?”. There are many different preferences a person can have as to what makes a restaurant superior when compared to other restaurants. These preferences include the atmosphere, service, food quality, and most importantly the price. Bamboo Sushi Bar and Hibachi Express represent a restaurant that is highly qualified to provide a great experience for those who decide to dine there. The atmosphere can make or break a restaurant. If a restaurant has a good atmosphere, then it will make the customers want to come back for another meal. If a restaurant has an unpleasant atmosphere, this will cause customers to not return and possibly deter others from going. Now what is atmosphere? Atmosphere consists of the location of the business, type of dining whether casual or fine, and the theme. Bamboo has two locations that provide the same type of atmosphere indoors. Both the buildings share the same type of casual dining. Any attire can fit the occasion for visiting Bamboo. Bamboo’s theme consists of sports memorabilia and traditional Japanese décor, such as posters and signs with Japanese writing. Along with the Japanese décor, there are many sports teams merchandise plastered along the walls. Whether it is watching a sports event on one of the many T.V’s, celebrating a special occasion with friends and family, or just picking up a to go order the welcoming atmosphere will surely impress anyone who visits. In…

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