What 's A Girl? Essay

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What’s a girl to do? I have given him so many chances and he continues to be malicious towards me. I am so done. My daughter did nothing to him. I got so many beautiful things for my baby shower from family and friends.
• Pampers
• bottles
• crib
• car seat
• stroller
• high chair and the potty. It was one of those pottys that when she makes a siren goes off and it starts lighting up, then ends with that sound like the heavens have opened up. She would have loved that. Well anyway, I didn’t have my own place yet and my grandfather allowed me to put the gifts from the baby shower in his basement until I got my place and what does he do? He as in my brother goes and sells all my daughters stuff and I don’t even know until I move into my apartment 8 months later and go to pick up my stuff. I just knew he did it because he is a thief. Yes, I said it, but he has always been a thief.
I remember when we were kids and my boyfriend bought me this beautiful gold bracelet and I would only wear it on special occasions. The bracelet had little horseshoes all around it and shined so bright. I knew my boyfriend had spent some good money on it because it had one of those expensive clasp to close it at least that is what my grandmother told me. I got up one morning and I pulled open my top draw reached my hand way back in the drawer under a bunch of clothes; I called myself hiding it. Who was I kidding when he wants something he gets it, he is worse than a dog on the prowl. You know he…

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