Essay on What Would You Do If You Were?

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What would you do if you were suffocating? Would you stand there and let yourself die, or would you get up, and find a way to breathe? If your life, your surroundings, and the people that fill them, are what is making you feel this way, what would you do then? The choice to stay in a stagnate existence, and slowly wither away, or finding the courage to free yourself, and walk away, into the scary, yet beautiful world. This is the decision that a woman named Kate found herself having to make. She was living on her own with a rather normal middle class life, in the suburbs. She had a well-paying but mundane office job, a quaint little house, and a small hand me down car. In essence she was the epitome of average, a fact that only annoyed her. She had a few close friends, and was really close with her family, which was rather large, with two siblings, a brother and sister, both of which were married and had kids, and because they all lived close to their parents, including Kate, the saw each other all the time. Though everyone else in her family, including aunts and uncles, enjoyed this closeness, Kate started to grow tired of the constant interaction with people she felt she had nothing in common with, but because there family she had to endure it. The more she endured, the more she felt worn, and weary. These feelings were only exacerbated by the people at her work. They were all so chatty, and gossipy, and she thought day in and out how much she would love for them to just…

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