Essay on What Will I Become 5 to 10 Years from Now

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I. Introduction

Here now is my work from the question? “What will I become 5 or 10 years from now” it took me several weeks and I got a serious headache thinking about it well any way I came up with my own research about this, so far I managed to get some ideas and possibilities, I questioned some of my relatives and my family regarding my question somehow my efforts is worth trying for because I have earned a good answers through them. No one can predict his own future and no one exactly can tell what will be your life next 5 or 10 years from 2010, there’s a possibility that you will die or there’s a possibility that you will have your own family you just can’t tell. I hope my work help not just me but others as well.
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if by any chances or got lucky I want to become an Animator, Game Designer or Comic Artist because this is the ones I really wanted to be my job and this is my childhood dream.

c. What do you think about my status in life 5 or 10 years from now? =This question is the one that really thrills me because I really been wondering what will be my status in the future, some of my cousins said to me that I will become a rich person because I’m good in saving my money because when I have money I always not spend it by means of “kuripot”. Well I actually laugh about it because somehow I do really thinks that may be their right. I also want to know if I will encounter a serious relationship in the future because I don’t ever really experience it since I was a teen, well if I thinking about it, it looks like impossible for me to experience it because I have many objectives for now and I don’t have time for things like that.

Here is my serious interview about my family actually I just talked to them using a phone and actually my question from them is tagalog because they have a hard time answering my question in English, I have also brothers but they’re little and they wouldn’t understand this questions.

Persons I Interview:
My mother’s name is Ma. Theresa S. Macondara
My father’s name is Omar M.

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