The Negative Effects Of Social Media Has On People's Body Image

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Kasey L. Serdar talks about the effects social media has on people 's body image. She explains how much the frequency in which people see the "ideal body type" of Americans in advertisements and magazines brings up the percentage of how many of them have negative body images of themselves. Serdar talks about how the more social media becomes a part of the daily lives of us Americans the more men and women will be affected by the negative effects that come with watching, reading, listening to, etc. it. I chose this article because Kasey Serdar seems to bring up things that line up with what I think about the issue at hand and the article will be a great back up for me and my thoughts.
A negative body image that is brought on by social media is a huge
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With twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram among other social media cites plus the multiple T.V shows, movies, articles and much more that the internet provides and aims towards the youth showing all these perfect people and perfect situations. Social media romanticizes things and puts people and things on these unreachable pedestals that just makes people feel lower than what they already are and the negative effects it has on people are detrimental to their emotional and physical health.
Social media isn 't a thing that anyone can fully ignore anymore. It is a presence in everyone 's life to some degree and even though not everyone thinks lowly of themselves, the amount of people that do has almost tripled in the last 10 years. The amount of females with eating disorders and who abuse diets has definitely grown as well as the amount of males who abuse muscle enhancers. If there is one thing I know for sure, that is we will never fully fix the problems of negative body images. Even without social media people wrongfully had problems with how they looked or weighed and social media just made it

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