What Way Might Misperception Be A Barrier For Effective Communication Between The Representatives For Both Sides?

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3. Yamamoto Iron & Steel is considering setting up a mini-mill outside Atlanta, Georgia. At present, the company is planning to send a group of executives to the area to talk with local and state officials regarding this plant. In what way might misperception be a barrier to effective communication between the representatives for both sides? Identify to examples. Because the Japanese executives and American officials, see themselves and the world around them in different ways, misperception can cause large communication barriers. For example, Americans like to get down to business very quickly. Japanese business people tend to spend more time getting to know one another, before business talk begins. The Americans could likely misinterpret the Japanese process as a stalling tactic, and the Japanese could misinterpret the American way as pushy and rude. Other misperceptions could come from over generalizations. Another example is the way, the Japanese executives, might perceive any female American officials. According to the text book, Japanese managers, “still regard women as superfluous to the effective running of their organizations and generally continue to not treat women as equals.” With this kind of perception, the Japanese executives may have a hard time communicating with any female American official, because they don’t take them seriously. American female officials may in turn have trouble communicating with Japanese executives. *After watching Gung Ho,…

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