Trends In My Time Management Style

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1) What trends in your time management style do you notice in Part 2?

My time administration style is a blend of Spirited and mix. When I anticipated the Urgent x Important matrix theory, I noticed that I am an early bird when I get an assignment; I immediately identify all the tasks involved and plan my time accordingly. I am almost always in a hurry and impatient. My direct management style reflects me because I am action-oriented, making quick decisions and implementing them rapidly. I’m usually one of the first people to arrive for class or group meetings. I like putting myself ahead of time and see to that everything is organized.

On the other hand, I also like having control over my own schedule so I can “switch it up” to keep school
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Despite being a full time student, maintaining a 3.077 GPA, and working 20 hours a week, I also take the initiative to enhance my education outside the classroom. Like every normal person, I frequently attempt to get no less than 8 hours of rest a night, which takes up for around 33% of my 24-hour day. I go to university for about 5 to 8 hours a day, which takes up to 27% of the day, which includes doing homework and assignments. As an international student and living by myself, I do talk to my parents every day for an hour, which also takes up to 5% of my day. I try to get everything done on weekends and be prepaid for the upcoming week. I also spend an hour a day studying, which takes another 5% of my day. I think all these things are important to keep up with everyday life. However, leaving me with only 30% of my time being spent on things that are not directly related to school. This 30% of my time is being spent on things like Facebook and other social medias. I also, do like to spend some time on listening to music and reading books, which helps me to relax and re-energize myself, so that I can reboot my self and get on the track …show more content…
I will take 3 steps, which are recording, analyzing and changing. Recording, the time of different activities I do every day and then the second step is analyzing, at the end of the day I go through my daily planner and see how much time I feel I was not using productively and I pick 5 biggest time wasters and add up there time to see how much time I was wasting and then gradually try eliminate these activities. Changing, now its time to come up with a way to get that time back and to do so I prioritize, to do list are a really effective way to manage your time and prioritize. I set side blocks of time for individual activities and for each activity I set a start and stop points and by doing this my day is cleanly segmented and I should then stick to the

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