What Suggestions Do You Have For The Chief Medical Officer Essay

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What suggestions do you have for the Chief Medical Officer on how to coach Dr. Ferrara and develop a personal improvement plan?

Most managers, in this case the CMO, often face difficult employees. They often exhibit characteristic to be removed from the team but are not due to certain reasons technical or otherwise. This then leads to time where the company or the team is held hostage to the behavior due to the technical or special requirements. The behavior is not limited to certain aspects. It can be due to wok ethics, not meeting deadlines, not meeting standards of the department or team or poor social skills. This then leads to consumption of most managers time, energy etc to deal with the difficult employee, and at times are left with difficult decisions to be made. This could be deciding to remedial the employee or terminating. The decisions are usually not straightforward and involve consideration of multitude of variables, social, economical etc. Newer managers might not feel comfortable or secure in the new job role to make decisions on firing key or veteran employee especially when their own superiors are involved. Such as in this case Dr. Ferrara reports directly to the CEO, and hence the CMO risk his own job if he makes a hasty decision.

Following would be suggested to the CMO to coach Dr Ferrara.

Listen to the employee - Start of by creating a positive tone for the meeting, which creates an environment to improve rather than putting the employee on…

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