What Role Should Virtual Social Movements Play Within China 's A Great Firewall?

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My research will be aimed at answering the question: What role should virtual social movements play within China 's “Great Firewall”? The issue deals with the fact that there is abundant censorship, not just on the Chinese web, but throughout China in general. Social media has the distinct feature of being a tool that can reach millions of people faster and without nearly as much censorship as other forms of collective action. My argument is that virtual social movements in China, have the ability to effectively exact change at this point in time and should be used to overturn Internet censorship.
To introduce my topic, I can begin with an anecdote about the “Big Yellow Duck” meme, introducing what it was and what it did. I will show the lengths the Chinese government will go to prevent any collective action from occurring. This will also be a starting point to show why a virtual social movement is so effective, based on how many people the meme reaches and the length of time the meme was allowed to stay up. Although, I probably won 't be able to do it in the introduction, I can eventually show how collective action in the real world should rely heavily on the use of virtual collective action to be effective.
2.) Review of Relevant Literature/Sources
It can be debated that social movements on the Internet should be used or not. The main
Hart 2 points of dispute would be either that other tools should be used for activism, or that nothing should be done at all. The fact is…

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