Social Movement In China Case Study

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The impact of ICTs on social movement in China: Xiamen Anti-PX demonstration.

INTRODUCION The past decade has seen the rapid development of information communication technologies (ICTs) in China. For example, “China has become the biggest mobile communication carrier in the world since 2001.” (Jun and Hui, 2010). The advanced communication technology is an important component in the social movements and plays a key role in environmental activism. As Hung Chin-Fu (2013) point out, the civil groups, activists and even politics and governments are using the internet to carry out a significant number of social movements or political events in this information age.This essay will assess the impact of information communication technologies (ICTs) on the social movement in China using the case of Xiamen anti-PX demonstration. This paper has been divided into three parts, the first part deals with the cyberconflict
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According to Karatzogianni and Robinson (2014), cyberconflict theory can be used to explore the impact of politico-economic reforms, the media environment, and e-governance on the dissents in China, for example, ideology, media elements regards to censorship, alternative source or effect etc. Moreover, another important factor is related to the impact of ICTs on the mobilizing structures, such as organization, participation and recruitment, tactics; in addition, the framing process has been changed; and political opportunity’s influence should also be attached importance to. The Karatzogianni and Robinson (2014) also indicate that, cyberconflict theory review how the identity of the national consciousness and opposition groups is set up, due to the difference in ethics, religion and culture. This essay will concentrate on the elements of the second part, namely, the mobilizing structures, framing process and political

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