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1. What past experience do you bring to this position and how would it benefit KPU? One of my biggest accomplishments my junior and senior years of high school was my involvement in organizing and hosting many assemblies and school-wide events. During my junior year, I worked on a committee known as student support, and we were directly in charge of creating and putting on school wide assemblies. In this role, I learned how to organize large-scale events, find and invite big-name speakers to our school, write scripts, and get an impactful message across to all students. While these were very difficult tasks, I excelled at and enjoyed my position greatly. Individually, we were in charge of hosting one assembly per year. The assembly I hosted was about safe driving, so I invited our city police chief to come speak at the assembly. I gained experience contacting his officer and communicating with him prior and during the …show more content…
In many of the leadership positions I’ve held, I have worked as part of a larger group dedicated to making my school or specific program into a thriving community. I have experience working with students of all ages, school faculty, and professionals within my community. In my first two years of high school leadership, I served on academic recognition and student support committees. Although I excelled in my own way while serving on these committees, none of us were above another and we worked equally to achieve our goals and complete tasks. During my senior year, I served as the school’s ASB Speaker. In this position, I communicated directly with my teacher, the school’s administration, and the rest of the ASB team to ensure that the leadership class was doing the best work that it could and that I was doing the best job possible in my position. I also overlooked two individual committees and ensured that the members were working hard and was always there to support or assist them if

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