Essay on What Makes You Most Powerful And Strong?

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“Embracing that which makes you different,is what makes you most powerful and strong?”This quote by Darren Criss is good to live by because it is beneficial to people.Another way of phrasing this quote to help better understand it is that people gain strength when embracing what makes them unique.This quote is appealing because what other people may conceive as a weakness is actually what gives you strength.Today,people in society admire stories of triumph and overcoming obstacles.These stories may be seen initially as a weakness,but it is actually something that should be looked at as a strength.In this story their will be examples of people with differences overcoming obstacles.All these examples connect back to the quote.

This quote is really good to remember because it tells people that overcoming any differences they have can make them a stronger and better well rounded person. One person that remembered and lived by this quote is Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr was a minister against segregation.He lead peaceful protest and different civil rights movements (Garrow ).These protest help other people stand up for what they believed in.Kings protest also made people come together and become a stronger community.Most people liked King’s personality,and he developed that personality when he was younger. King was raised in a secure and religious family. “This secure upbringing,however,did not prevent King from experiencing the prejudices that was common in the…

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