Essay on What Makes Me, Me

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Everybody in this world is different. But, how different are we? Many people have different views on what they believe in. It all hinges on their ethnic background, how they were raised, the color of their skin, and more. I guess you could say that I’m curious in different people. Where they come from, how they are raised, what their profession is, if they were in the war, and lots of other things. The United States is filled with special people and it makes them who they are. Let me share with you some of my aspects of what makes me, me.
I was born in a little town called Allentown Pennsylvania. We settled in a house right in the Northampton Borough. Northampton is a small community where everything you need is there, and you see many people you know. It was just me my mom and dad in the house. We knew our neighbors well and they would always say hello when we were out and about, you can say they were like a second family. While growing up, I was raised to learn from right and wrong and have lots of common sense. Have good manners like saying please and thank you. If I misbehaved I would probably get spanked and sent to the corner. Or just get a big lecture on what I’ve done wrong. I also come from a military family. My grandfather was in the Vietnam war along with North Korea, my grandfather on my dad’s side was in the Navy and my Pappy was in World War Two Battle of the Bulge. We just love and respect our country very much and it shows since most of the members in my…

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