What Makes An Organization? Essay

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What makes an organization “great” is the way they structure themselves with the goal that customer satisfaction is extremely important with how prosperous they want to be. A mission statement that they stand by also ensures that there is always a goal they’re trying to achieve. Having a very motivated group of individuals in the organization will make sure that they take care of the things necessary to become as successful as possible. Anyone that is employed at an organization has their own role to making sure their duty is done. Each person is vital to the success and growth of any organization to try to make themselves great.
Fortune’s looks at many aspects within a company to determine their top 100 list, they focus primarily on reputation then they look at revenue. At the end of the day it’s how much money they’re giving out and taking in as well as what people say about them. Their research is conducted through extensive survey forms. They give directs and executives the survey and also have a wide range of industry analysts. The Cheesecake Factory is ranked 98 out of 100 best companies to work for from Fortune’s and has been on the list for the past 3 years. They also have been the only restaurant on the list for the past 2 years which shows how prestige they are being seen as. It is a very popular lunch and dinner destination for people to enjoy authentic flavors and a tasty wide selection of desserts afterward. In the 1940’s the company was created but for the…

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