What Makes A Successful Marriage? Essay

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What Makes a Successful Marriage?
Married for life. What does that phrase make you feel? Trapped, or secure? For some, marriage is little more than a romantic promise and a legal agreement. But promises for them can be broken. People who view marriage this way find it quite easy to give up on their marriage when things go wrong. Nerveless even when in our world of changing standards, marriage is no longer held in high esteem, many people consider it a perfect union. Marriage can be likened to a journey, an odyssey that presents many surprises some exquisite, others painful. However, many people make this journey successfully and happily, with only minor mishaps. Indeed, success in marriage is not measured so much by the highs and lows of the journey as it is by how couples deal with those ups and downs. When you get married, you may think that everything will be perfect. Realistically, though, even a husband and a wife who truly love each other will have some problems. How deal with those problems? How have a happy marriage? and What Makes a Successful Marriage? The key is on your hand.
Love devotion. Love devotion make you remember on the day you got married, you made a vow. That solemn promise was a lifelong commitment, a firm resolve to stick with your spouse and solve problems that would arise. Love is the most important quality in a marriage. It’s the mortar that binds the building blocks of a sturdy marital union. It makes the marriage unbreakable in the face of any…

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