Essay about What Makes A Special Work For Your Life?

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“Son if you take this award you honor the unit that they belonged to. I also believe their families would want you to have it. The families of those who are alive today because of your actions under fire would also want you to have it.”
“General Dempster reached over, pinning not only the Bronze Star on my pillow, but my second Purple Heart. Rising up the General came to attention and saluted me. I sure didn’t deserve that. I tried to return the salute, but it hurt too much.
Why am I alive, Allister? How come I didn’t die when I took those three rounds? One in the shoulder, one in the arm, one in the thigh and then the impossible. In another engagement I took an armor-piercing round right through my armor vest, why did I survive?”
Tank looked at him pensively through moistened eyes.
“You’re alive, because God has a plan for your life. There’s a special work for you to do. It might be to reach others suffering with P.T.S.D. There is nothing but long lineups at the VA. Maybe, the Lord has help for them through you.
Tank you need to know, unlike those people at church I will never judge you. I can’t tell you that I understand it all. I have never been to war.
The load you are carrying is tremendous. I’m sure others have told you that there was nothing else you could have done. Nor, was there something you failed to do that would have changed the outcome. I want you to know that it would have been the same no matter what you did. Listen to these two Scriptures.”
“Now, see that…

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