What Makes A Hybrid Car? Essay

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Transportation has played a very crucial role in everybody lives. Throughout time, transportation technology have been changing and evolving, and it continues to this day to grow at a fast rate. In the beginning, people used to ride horses and wagons as a source of transportation. During the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine was born. With the steam engine creation, the combustion engine came to be, and the automobile industry begins. Many improvements and changes have been made in the development of automobiles. One of the main quality for a vehicle that has not been changed until recently is the fuel for the car, gasoline. Now in today’s society, hybrids have been invented, new automobiles that do not fully require gasoline as a fuel source. Hybrids are fuel efficient and fuel economically, and environment friendly by polluting less than internal combustion engine.
What is a Hybrid Car?
A hybrid car, also called HEV or hybrid electric vehicle, runs on gas like any other cars with an internal combustion engine and have an electric motor that helps use less gas to be more fuel efficient. To be more precise the electric motor helps the tire rotate when accelerating or driving uphill. The braking in a hybrid car is regenerative, so the electric motor assists by slowing downing the car; the energy used to slow down the car is returned as electricity and stored back into the battery (Edmunds, 2016). Also, hybrid cars have an automatic start or shutoff, meaning that when…

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