What Makes A Hipster? Essay

2232 Words Nov 20th, 2014 9 Pages
Taylor Jenkins
Professor Sikkema
Writing 150
December 4th, 2014
What actually is a “hipster”?
We all have been walking and seen somebody who could be considered a hipster in our eyes, with a flannel shirt, big glasses, skinny jeans, and usually an artistic feel to them, because that is how we have been told all our lives what hipsters were. Modern-day society has painted a picture in everyone’s heads on what society should believe a hipster is, which is not always true for anything we are told. Hipsters can be defined as “independent thinkers, progressive political minds; indie-like individuals who dress trendy, thrift and vintage” (Biakolo). Most people who are aware of the hipster culture can agree with this statement, and believe they know exactly what a hipster is. In comparison, people who are avidly apart of this culture could argue that it is directed too much towards certain aspects of the idea, when it is made of up many ideas that all make up the hipster community. Others could also argue that there is no such thing as a hipster culture because of the large controversy on what a hipster actually is and skepticism on the alleged culture. Nobody can fully understand what it means to be a hipster or even understand if there is a culture that could be described as hipster, until fully submersed into learning about this idea. This takes knowledge of both sides of the argument to compare and collaborate with to decide whether you believe that the hipster phase is a…

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